FERMENTO, Like the mood that is guiding us.
1889, Like the official year of birth of Neapolitan pizza.

We want to leave an indelible footprint in Firenze.
Satisfying the appetite in a blaze of senses through our biggest passion: PIZZA.

First of all the quality through an accurate selection of products of first choice.
The combination of special flours and the constant research of their right equilibrium.
The working techniques, driven by our experience, contain and dispense the secret of the masters.

Our is a return to the past, but the aim is stuck in the present, which is bring together again people to the simplicity of pizza.
A type of food that contains stories from each era and requires the passion as the only fundamental ingredient.

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Let us conquer you with our specialties

Our products

PalaFermento, Panuozzi, Calzoni.
The true taste of pizza.. and much more!
Come and try our neapolitan babbà!

Discover what you can find at Fermento1889


Fermento1889 is a small room with few seats, so we kindly ask you to respect the shifts in respect of our work and the following customers.
First round: 19:30
Second round: 21:30