Genuine food.
Continuous search for high quality raw materials.
Products always fresh and never frozen.
All this is Fermento1889.

Pala Fermento : our exclusive product

A well prepared and balanced mix

Extreme tillage for 120h at controlled temperature

Programmed mix methodology.

For a truly unique and special product.

Pala Fermento affects all 5 senses:

See: combination of ingredients to be enjoyed with the eyes.
Smell: fragrances from the refined blend of flour.
Touch: crunchy outside, soft inside.
Hear: the characteristic "crunch" is his signature.
Taste: accurate and strictly seasoned condiments.


Pala Fermento:
Pala Fermento: The home specialty.
Apparently the classic "Tuscan flat bread", revisited with extraction and technique to the utmost power.


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With the same mixture of the true Neapolitan, we propose the Calzone, a natural alternative to pizza, whose "smile" form contains an amazing filling.


Neapolitan Babbà:
A specialty faithfully reproduced throughout the essence of its place of origin.
Few ingredients for an exclusive product in Florence.